Friday, December 12, 2014


I threw myself into my new non-racing life while the race bike sat in the corner of a barn gathering dust and sneering at me. One day when I got sick of its taunts, I stripped it down and sold all the bits on that crappy auction website which shall remain nameless. I got back about 1/5 of what I invested in it, but twice what I would have gotten selling it as a whole functioning motorcycle. Sad really, after 8 years of development into a race winning machine, to end up as a collection of parts sent to the highest bidders.

I renewed my focus on my first love: skating. It might seem odd that a 35 year old man would even consider riding a skateboard, but I had actually stuck with it for more than twenty years. I could live with the ways skating would hurt me. I have always gotten a similar thrill and the same sense of oneness from skating that I get from motorcycling. Some things do not change with age, girth, pain, responsibility. There are constants.

Photos courtesy of Isaac Wasuck

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