Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Return To Words

Sooner or later we were going to run out of pictures.  Circumstances became dire enough that this blog resorted to near pornographic measures (see yesterday's entry) to sate the masses hunger for those quiet images apparently valued at ten hundred lexemes.   Now I shall return to blathering on about all things motorcycle and followers can continue scrolling by until they hit the photos.  So be it.

2018 is upon us, just like every other new year since they decided to keep track of such things.  Newly forged resolutions are just beginning to rust as old habits are re-inhabited.  For the racer, it's go time, with season fast approaching.  I've always believed this is where the races are really won or lost, in the preparation ahead of time.  Even as the last race ended in October, thoughts turned towards March.  After two years in the kiddie pool, I was about to be hucked in the deep end.  It seemed wise to start kicking early.  Stay tuned to find out if I sink or swim...or just keep scrolling...      

Rebuilding engines....
Or lounging about in silly slippers and pajamas?  You decide.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Photos Part VIII.5 Will Nauta's Submission

When I asked my fellow VCHSS racers to submit season photos to be used on this blog, there was always the chance something less than kosher might come through.  One such entry was submitted by racer William Nauta.  I have chosen to give his submission it's own post, albeit with a modification or two.  Thanks Will.  Really.

Part VIII VCHSS 2017 Season In Photos

Canon Freeman, future VCHSS champion

Monday, January 8, 2018

Part VII VCHSS 2017 Season In Photos

The cleanest bike and gear I have ever owned (not for long!)

Justin Freeman flying

Clint's new racebike!