Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2018 Race Season Photo Review

2018 VCHSS season, 4th place overall, 40+B class.  The pictures tell only part of the story...

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Waiting For Winter's Wane

2018 gasps its last agonal breaths with only a crappy holiday or two left to endure.  Six weeks after the last race, three months before the first.  Staring out at last Sunday's gift, a foot of snow, coldly book-ended by grey days of torrential rain, watery sunshine, mud and a stupid time change.  One wishes to sleep 18 hours a day. 

But the man has other plans, as well as a garage full of projects.  There's motors to be built and rebuilt, van interiors to be re-designed, parts sourced, money upon money burnt.  This is racing, and it's never over.

Even when it seems like it's over.

Flying into spring, hopefully...

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Let It Ride

"I do the work that is in front of me." -Ian MacKaye

The 2018 season draws to a close, with only one race left to contest before the end.  For most this is a break, a rest, a respite.  No more packing up, hauling bikes and gear, schlepping all over the countryside in search of an obscure, seldom found muddy glory.  Many will take stock, reflect and wonder whether to remain in this hardscrabble hare scramble world.  There are certainly more forgiving hobbies, cheaper ones, less painful and difficult.  I'm not immune to that line of thought, comes with getting older I suppose.

 But for those who keep their skin in the game, now is the time to build, train, prepare.  To learn new tricks.  Yes, even this old dog.  The scant four and a half months between races will be gone before you know it.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, another birthday will pass like a breath and the faithful will be lined up on a cold, damp March day with guts full of butterflies and fogged goggles, listening to the race marshal bellow, "TEN SECONDS!!!".

Looking around a garage littered with dirt bike parts, engines in need of rebuilding, a bare frame that I shall have barely enough time to turn into a race bike, I wonder what to do.

Moments of overwhelming indecision, then it becomes clear.

I shall do the work in front of me.


Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Battle Rages On...

September 23, 2018 VCHSS Round #12 Knockdown Hare Scramble, Charlotte Court House, VA

Rain overnight.  Another muddy race.  Another 3rd place.  The season winds down.  Much learned.  Much left to be learned.  The clock is still ticking...

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Caveat Emptor Fucked By A Spanish Whore

Found a 2011 Gas Gas EC 300 on Craigslist in NC.  Drove there, looked it over, seemed to run decent, needed a little TLC.  Settled on a price of $2,500.  What could go wrong, right?  Well, for your amusement, I've decided to describe the debacle in pictures and poetry: 

A bit rough, off the cuff, but surely built with the right stuff? Too much? Not enough?

Piston leaves me wishin' I'd have kept fishin'. Rebuild now is the only mission. On my head rain is pissin'.

The head is dead. I see red.  I need gold, but have only lead.

My bore is scored. Oh lord.  How will I afford?

Crankseal doth weep. That ain't cheap.  Bearings too, creak, creak.  Rod probably also weak.

Happy couple or cursed nuptials?  Short honeymoon, 'til the trouble.  Iberian dream now shattered bubble. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Photo Coyote 2018

August 26, 2018 Rural Retreat, VA
VCHSS Round #10 The Coyote Run
3rd place 40+B

Although these pics make it look like a trail ride, this was one of the most challenging courses I've ridden all year.  Nasty rocky hillclimbs of death followed by treacherous cliff dangling off cambers filled with ruts and roots and a creek run called "The Hero Section".  3rd place.  I'll take it.

(photos courtesy of Mike Jackson)