Monday, February 27, 2017

Fury Sustained

Thanks to Scott Owens for the photo.

As I was finishing my Saturday solo training ride, the weather changed drastically.  Winds picked up to gale force, temperature rapidly dropped.  An ominous chill and damp grew.  The rains quickly came.  And the hammering hail.  Thundering lightning.  Mother nature unleashed her fury on the 200 or so illegal acres we riders like to call home.  Sitting in my van hoping golf ball sized pellets would not break the windshield.....

And thinking about the upcoming race season, what would be needed to not only compete, but to win.  Recent life circumstances meant things were going to be twice as hard financially.  Along with a normal 40 working stiff hours, side jobs were taken in an effort to amass the scratch necessary, as well as selling off parts squirreled away for years.  It would have been an appropriate opportunity to take a year off, to "regroup", as they say.  But that wasn't good enough.  I asked what it was going to take to do this.  And in those brief, drenching minutes I was answered.

It was going to take the same energy, the same tenacity, as the storm that was now passing.

It was going to take a fury.

A fury sustained.        

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Talking Shit

We live in a world of unfulfilled oaths, broken promises, words as useless as the hot air they are spoken with.  It has become a matter of course for people to say whatever is necessary in a certain moment, knowing full well they will never come through in the end, and knowing that no one is likely to ever call them out on it.

And we won't, because god forbid you butthurt some precious snowflake by holding them to their word.  The truth is less important than feelings.  If one should be so brazen as to point this out, actually ask someone to be accountable for their actions?  More words.  Excuses by the dozen.  I swear people must sit around thinking them up all day, these little pukes using their emotional fragility as a smokescreen for pure laziness.

That's what I like about racing.  It accepts no excuses.  And tolerates no bullshit.  You put up or shut up.  When the checkered flag flies, there is no question about who did their homework.  And who didn't.

Life needs to be a lot more like racing.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Looking Ahead, Never Back

Bridesmaid for the 2016 VCHSS season, I aim to be the bride in 2017.  The courtship begins on March 26th in Arrington VA and continues for the next six months.  As always it promises to be a challenging (difficult) season with plenty of ups and downs.  Wouldn't have it any other way.

Training has intensified, 6-8 hours a week riding the 2004 Gas Gas EC300, 8-10 hours a week in the gym, bike preparations continue.  I can't afford the luxury of brand new equipment, so I try to make up for it with work ethic.  As I learned during my roadracing days, you don't just fall into championships, you earn them, by working every day for it, on season or off.  That is the goal for 2017.  

Below is the 2017 Virginia Championship Hare Scrambles Series race schedule.  If you are in the area, come and check out some exciting, close quarters motorcycle racing!


2017 VCHSS Race Schedule

126 MarJoe Lloyd Memorial at Oak Ridge Arrington, VA

29 AprApril Fools at Oak Ridge Arrington, VA
323 AprCentral Virginia Dillwyn, VA
47 MayBlue Ridge Martinsville, VA
528 MayReddy holeSurry, VA
64 JunTidewater at EastoverSpring Grove, VA
718 JunHillbilly Hare ScrambleRural Retreat, VA
825 JunHarleywoodBristol, VA
913 AugBlue Ridge IIMartinsville, VA
1027 AugCoyote RunRural Retreat, VA
1110 SepPeninsula at SouthwarkSpring Grove, VA
1224 SepKDHC ScrambleCharlotte CH, VA
131 OctIron MountainRural Retreat, VA

1415 OctRattlesnakeRural Retreat, VA
1529 OctPipsicoSpring Grove, VA

Looking to the future.