Friday, November 27, 2015


Without the following sponsors my 2015 championship wins would not have been possible:

Offering Race Tech parts, Fox shock rebuilds and a wide variety of other suspension services.

Sportbike Track Gear, for all your riding gear, tires, helmets and accessories.  Top notch customer service and competitive pricing.

Bridgestone race tires available from Stickboy.

I promote these retailers not just for the support they give back to me and the sport, but because I believe in them and the people behind them.  They are the real deal, with a passion for racing that rivals my own, and it shows in the work that they do.  Kudos to them.

Special thanks also goes to: Phil Lee for continued inspiration, Mom and Dad, Taryn Young, Thor Lawson, Sean, Evelyne, Emily and all the WERA staff and officials who slave to make sure infantile egomaniacs like myself can get out on the racetrack, TCX Boots covering my little piggies on and off road, Bill Martovich, the grumpiest old man to ever tune an EX500, Kurt Kesler and Eric Crews for keeping it entertaining on and off the track, Joe Ball for never giving me an inch, Allan Doneth and Dalton Fuller at STG, Lee Fields for all the great photos and anyone who is working to bring roadracing to the Philistines here in the US.  Thank you.


  1. No quarter given because I don't think that is really how you would want it to be. Before the finals, the interweb chatter was "don't affect the championship." While I wouldn't want to take a rider out (which usually never ends well for either party) beyond that, this is not ladies bridge, and every race will be run as hard as possible, with one goal. That goal is to win, or finish in front of as many competitors as possible. Like most, I have to work on Monday, so that tempers the ride a bit and help sort out the clean pass from the one that may be sketchy. So my reply to the chatter was that I wouldn't count points, and would ride the race like any other. I was glad for you that your plan 2 worked out, and have a great respect for the National Championships, because I know how hard they are to achieve.

    Best of luck, and I hope we run side by side again soon.

    Rubber Side Down,

    Joe Ball

    1. Well said, and thank you for the tow away from Kurt!

      Kris Larrivee

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