Sunday, March 8, 2015


It might seem silly, losing sleep and agonizing over what many consider a hobby. What a piss poor word for something that invades every cell of your body and changes you to the core. Like combat or childbirth, experience it even once and you are never the same. Every corner of every road becomes an opportunity, with an entry, an apex and an exit. Every stoplight feels like a race start. The smell of damp pavement a reminder of waking up at Mosport in August. Your way of thinking and prioritizing are re-shaped, you have to learn true focus, on and off the track. I have found it requires incredible mental strength, especially when you already feel at the limit, to go faster and not fall down.

I know that unless this particular EX500 has some wildly built motor in it (I don't believe it does), it cannot beat me if I don't let it. There is no way in hell I am going to let that happen. Whatever this son of a bitch can do on his bike, I can do on mine. I will not let him get away.

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