Friday, October 9, 2015

The Ravages of Time

Time is a bitch.  You are basically fucked either way.  Live a safe, comfortable life doing everything the way you are supposed to do it, and you wind up dead.  Take risks, do things the way you want to do them, and you still wind up dead.

Barring the belief in an afterlife, (a hazy topic well outside the scope of an obscure motorcycle racing blog half hidden in the murky backwaters of internet Dagobah), this really only leaves now and the next few moments that follow (even those could be in question).  We are given an indeterminate amount of time to do with what we will.  Most of us labor under the lie that we always have more time, but in the end, it inevitably runs out sooner than we expect.

For my part, I am glad that I have chosen to spend much of my time riding motorcycles.  

If the laws of physics hold true, energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only change form. Converting the potential and chemical energy of fuel into the kinetic energy of rapid two-wheeled propulsion and then into what we can call 'mirth energy' is surely a worthwhile endeavour.

Take for example the rusted hulk of a dirt bike pictured above.  Before the clock ran out on it's existence it was an energy converting machine, and though motor forever silenced and skeleton rapidly decaying, the joy it created is still out there in some form, part of something larger than itself.

Yeah, motorcycles are pretty cool, and definitely worth the time.  

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