Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Score To Settle

Sunday is a re-run of Saturday without the rain. Joe beats me both times and leaves me without excuses. Since I beat him at Mid-Ohio, I thought it would be the same at PIRC. There was a glimmer of hope getting the jump on him at the start, but he railed around me going into Turn 1, showing what I pansy I was truly being. My lack of familiarity with the track could be used as a reason, but after being shown the way by a perfectly matched adversary, I could still not get the job done.

I had no particular love for the track layout, but that doesn't matter, everyone has to run the same track, the same corners, the same bumps, deal with the same weather. Put riders on near identical equipment and the cream will have to force its way to the top. I felt like sour milk crying sour grapes after my weekend in Pennsylvania, but we rented some go-carts Sunday night and I beat my brother, so that was some consolation.

Thoughts turned to the Grand National Finals at Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham, AL. A little birdy told me Joe won the V5 race there last year on his EX. I decide it is up to me to make sure he cannot repeat this, in spite of only having raced on the track once, 9 years ago. There is a pretty big chip on my shoulder and an even bigger score to settle.

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