Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The season had started reasonably well, despite a poor showing with 4th place in V5 at Summit Point. I purchased a proper matching rear rain tire so as not to get caught out again. The next event would be Road Atlanta three weeks later, in, you guessed it, Atlanta, GA. This was a new to me track and a fairly long 8 hour drive from Virginia, but also one of the biggest events on the 2014 Schedule. V5 and V6LW were scheduled for the Friday and Clubman and D-Superbike on Saturday.

I changed the oil, checked the valve clearances and cylinder head torque and went over every inch of the motorcycle during the downtime. You would be amazed at the little things you find looking it over in the garage. Little things that can become really big problems at the track. I have seen so much stupid shit go on during races that could have been prevented by simply checking and re-checking everything whenever you have the time. Exhausts falling off, banjo bolts falling out of oil lines, fairing lowers coming loose and dropping to the ground. Under combat conditions, anything not 100% can and will fail. Yes, there is tech inspection, but in the end, it is the rider's responsibility, not a race track official, to be sure the bike is sound.

I made a habit to do something that would further my racing every day. Whether working on the bike, or studying the next track, preparing the van, it became a daily ritual to ensure that I was at least one step closer. I think that is how championships are won, in the preparation, the attention to detail and the willingness to commit to and never lose sight of the goal. As opposed to waiting between races, I decided to always be getting ready for the next one.

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