Friday, February 19, 2016


Back to the woods.  It's been nine days since I was there.  Far too long.  Piss poor weather (yes, even I have my limits, somewhere around 17° F) and piss poor work hours (haven't found a way out of it yet).

At least I've had the opportunity to do some work on the KDX.  New clutch plates, filed down the badly grooved teeth on the basket, recovered the seat along with new foam from CEET.  I installed a modified cylinder head from RB designs.  And of course finally laced a black front wheel to match the rear using an Excel rim and their spline drive spokes.

Those familiar with the KDX will recognize the front end as different than stock.  A set of conventional forks from a 1998 RM125 were grafted onto the Kawasaki.  Shortened and revalved by Works Enduro Rider in NJ, they saw their first dirt use recently.  After living with the stock front end (even after WER's tweaking) for over a year, the RM forks were a night and day difference.  It wasn't cheap, but considering the amount of time I'm spending in the saddle off-road (20-25 hours per month), it was money well spent.  The only trade off is a little bit less steering lock, but not enough to make a huge difference.

The KDX200

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