Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Hard Way II

Some people are gifted of a mechanical aptitude, fixing just comes naturally to them.  They can diagnose a thing which is malfunctioning and come up with a simple and elegant solution to solve the given problem.  I am not one of those people.

How then did I find myself on a cold January evening standing in my garage lacing and truing a dirt bike wheel?  While taking a break to warm my frozen fingers, I pondered this.

I have no formal technical training, and as discussed above, little to no skill, patience or digital dexterity.  Despite this I have managed to muddle through these mechanical tasks, that over the years have increased in difficulty from simple maintenance and bolt on modifications to engine rebuilds and degreeing cams.  I am still not an expert and I constantly make dumb mistakes, mostly through a lack of taking my time.  The beauty of working alone in your garage is that nobody can see the stupid shit you do.  It's just a matter of making it right before wheeling the thing out of the garage.
I don't particularly like busting my knuckles wrenching on things, dropping small parts where big fingers can't reach them or any of the other myriad annoyances that come with self service.  What I like even less, though, is the thought of someone else's hands on my machines, doing tasks that I am perfectly capable of doing, or learning to do.  That's nothing but sheer laziness.  The kind of laziness that I am just not affluent enough to afford.

So I read, and watch YouTube videos and I screw up.  Often.  And sometimes, just sometimes, I manage to get it right.

Lacing a wheel can be a satisfying endeavour.

If you have patience in abundance,  several hours to spare,

and no social life whatsoever.


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