Monday, February 16, 2015

The Point of the Whirlwind

Saturday promises to be even hotter than Friday. I have two races left this weekend and the long drive home that I am trying not to think about. The race weekends fly by so fast it's hard to enjoy them and if one takes too much time to consider the work, dollar output and risk involved...well, I guess that's the point of the whirlwind. To keep us moving so quickly that our feet can't get rooted in doubt.

I plan to contend the Clubman and D Superbike classes today if I don't melt.

Both races are nearly a carbon copy of one another. I get a decent start, about third into the first turn, pass those in front of me for the lead and never see another racer again. The wins are exhilarating, of course, but surreal. It is hard to accept the days when it actually comes easy, they are so few and far between. You can actually start looking up for the other shoe to drop, for the universe to balance itself out again...if not for the whirlwind.

There are trophies to be collected, gear stowed, bikes loaded, miles driven, and the next race at Mid-Ohio in a few short weeks. Ride the whirlwind. And don't look back.

Kris Larrivee

                                                      Contemplating the whirlwind

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