Thursday, February 26, 2015

Completely Off Topic

People might think that someone who writes about things outside the societal norm such as motorcycles and racing them wouldn't give a rat's ass about spelling or grammar. You would be mistaken, at least in this case. My heart dies a little every day as I watch and listen to the only language I know die a painful death of misuse, disuse, abbreviation and sheer ignorance.

A few examples heard/read just today:

"I seen that." (that just makes me fucking cringe)

"Their not going to say anything."

"That's redicalous."

"You won't be effected by the power outage."

I also love it when people try to make up big words:

"I listened intentively to what you said." (heard today)

How have grade-school English teachers failed so badly that it has come to this? I understand that we live in a text-a-second society that apparently has no place for spelling, punctuation or grammar, but all I can say is WTF?

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