Saturday, March 5, 2016

Training Day

Might as well have called it "Ass-Whooping Day".  Spent a lot of time on the ground.  3" of snow that melted by noon made everything very slippery and of course the first place I headed to was the rocky/mud/roots section for a nice warm up of getting thrown down.

The next three hours were only marginally better.  My rhythm was off and sections that never posed a problem were proving daunting.  Let's chalk it up to the conditions and a worn rear tire, but deep down we know it's the rider.

Saturday is an off day, off the bike, but not work.  Ostensibly to save energy for Sunday, which will be my first off-road race.  Ever.  The pavement junky is going to try his hand in the dirt.  Pray for me, after yesterday, I'm gonna need it.

This is not happiness.

The Wall of Shame.  Note the green fender. That is my offering.

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