Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Repeat Offender III

Things go well for the first and second lap.  I am doing my best to conserve energy while still maintaining a good pace.  Despite this, I can feel the fatigue starting to set in.  My right hand has developed a nasty tendency to fall asleep during these races, and it becomes necessary to remove it from the throttle to shake some blood back into my digits.  A closed throttle is not conducive to forward movement, so it's an extremely frustrating condition.  In anticipation for the cold, damp conditions, I actually used a pair of latex medical gloves underneath my riding gloves and it made all the difference, because no one can ride with cold fingers.

I pick off a few slower riders as things progress, but it's amazing just how spread out everyone gets over the 6.5 mile hare scrambles course.  The VCHSS has set up a great track here at River's Edge in Chatham, with something for everyone, open grass track with lots of switchback and hairpin turns, creek crossings, the motocross section, hillclimbs and some really tight singletrack stuff as well.  It's only my first event with them and I am already impressed at how well run everything seems.

Only one small get off for the entirety of the race leaves me fairly pleased with my performance.  The race ends and I finish in 7th place, not very far off the 5th and 6th place riders times.  I know what I need to do for next time.  April 3rd, return to Dillwyn.  Stay tuned!

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