Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Repeat Offender

Two weeks after my first off-road race, I am at it once more.  This time it is a Virginia Championship Hare Scrambles Series (VCHSS) event in Chatham, VA.  And once again there is a motocross track involved, but at least this time I am able to watch the youngsters take a few laps on it to get my bearings.  It's amazing watching these kids huck themselves through the air and then go sliding through corners at a rapid rate of speed I will never have enough skill to duplicate.

Truth be told, I am scared.  I find this jumping stuff very intimidating.  Don't get me wrong, the sailing through the air is quite fun, but the landing part is another thing entirely.  Adding insult to possible injury is that most of the spectators gather at the motocross section.  Getting it wrong here means lots of witnesses, but I suppose the ambulance ride would be quicker from there than getting carried out of the woods.....

The amount of entries is higher this weekend, and I think the level of competition is deeper.  Or they just have better motorhomes and tow rigs, I don't know.  Much like the road-race paddock, I am out-classed and outspent on every level.  Just once I would like to not be the underdog, but then I suppose the blog would become quite boring, what with all the winning and shit.

Damn I make creek crossing look sexy!

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