Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ten Things That Suck About Racing

  1. Crashing.  Let's just get that one out of the way first.  It wrecks equipment, body and spirit, and at some point it WILL happen to you.
  2. Money.  Racing will take most of, if not all of it.  This puts serious strain on savings accounts, relationships and could force you to buy all your clothes at Goodwill.
  3. Winning.  Once you've tasted it, there is no going back and no settling for second.
  4. Losing.  It never tastes good.
  5. Other racers.  Those guys would use their own mother as a berm to make a pass.
  6. Waiting to race.  There is just too much time spent not racing.
  7. Driving home from the racetrack. (see #6)
  8. Going back to work Monday morning, because no one wants to hear your tales of glory
  9. Fixing broken shit
  10. Quitting racing.  Because what else are you going to do?

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