Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Pressure mounts as I draw closer to Road Atlanta.  I know that Friday morning will be a hectic one, got to get through registration, then scrutineering with the FZR, pull the wheels off the EX so Stickboy can mount some new slicks, remount the wheels, then get the EX through tech inspection, locate the guys who are bringing my fuel and have both bikes on the stands with warmers on, ready to roll on the track before 8:30 AM.

My brother has made the trip down from upstate NY for this race with his girlfriend and my parents will also be joining us later this afternoon.  More pressure, especially to not crash.

The plan is to pull the fucking cork out and get some good laps in, but the morning is cool and it rained last night, so the track will be damp in spots.  Many a race weekend has ended ugly in early morning practice.  I will ride the FZR first in Lightweight practice, then a few sessions later the EX in Vintage, giving me two rounds with each bike before racing, which is a good thing and allows for changes that might have to be made.

Stickboy gets the Bridgestone slicks mounted quickly and painlessly (well, except the pain in my wallet!).  These will be the first new tires the EX is getting this year, as I have been using take-offs from the FZR on it.  I am going to be pissed if I end up with brand new tires on a bike with a dead ignition.

Practice goes well with both machines.  The EX needs some tuning on the carburetion end, but the ignition is performing as it should.  I am hopeful that the electrical demons have been exorcised.  After the final practice with the Kawasaki I make a main jet swap.  I have done what I can.  There is nothing to do now but wait.

And think.  And try not to puke.

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