Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gaining Ground

With the disaster of the master link averted, I don my helmet, refusing to let thoughts of a failed chain enter my mind.  The clip I installed was a used one and with no idea how many times it has been on and off, there is no way of knowing what kind of condition the thing is actually in.  Some of you are now shaking your heads and thinking 'rivet link' and you would be right.

Finally the damn race begins and I get another one of my usual crappy starts.  At least I am getting better slicing through traffic than I used to be.  I have uploaded a YouTube video (courtesy of RD400 racer Mark Morrow).  He and I actually ran together for nearly the entire race (we are not in the same class, but racing at the same time), before I make a pass in an attempt to chase down Dan Fullerton on his Yamaha Seca 600 for second place in the V5 race.  I am on the silver bike #374, Kurt on the red Yamaha FZ600 #334.

Moments of interest in the video include:

  • The race start to about the 2:00 minute mark where Kurt sets up for a wide entry into turn 6 and nearly pushes me off track, you can see Mark zoom by the both of us.
  • At the 4:20 mark I make a pass on Mark, he chases me on the back straight and then totally outbrakes me going into 10A.
  • Next lap at 6:15 I make the same pass again and again Mark gets me on the brakes into 10A.
  • At 8:35 I decide to take a page from his playbook and make the inside pass into 10A in an effort to gain on Fullerton.
  • Mark backs down a bit after I get by and you see my failed charge to catch the Seca.  Careful observers can see Fullerton's bike puffing smoke on deceleration each time, and as I went up the hill into Turn 2 I knew he was close, because I could smell it.  It is very disconcerting to be chasing a bike that smokes and smells of burnt oil, but they tell me this is the way the race Secas are?  Fullerton gets held up by a lapper in the chicane and for a moment I think I can get him, but unfortunately it doesn't happen.  I have to settle for third place, netting me four more valuable championship points.  

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