Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Top Five Dumb Questions To Ask a Road Racer

1. Can you make any money doing that?

Short answer: No.

2.  Why do it if you can't make any money?

I equate it to sex.  Most of us will NEVER get paid to have sex, but that doesn't stop us from having it as regularly as possible.  Both activities really are their own reward.

3.  Do you ever crash?  I love to watch those guys crash.

Yes asshole, I crash, and I understand the risks every time I put on my helmet.  I've lost friends to this sport, seen debilitating injuries and worse.  So maybe you ought to think before opening your mouth making light of crashing.

4.  You mean you race motocross?

No.  It is a sport called "road racing" done on paved closed-course circuits with left AND RIGHT hand turns.  We even race in the rain.

5.  My buddy has a Hayabusa with a Stage 3 and bored out to an 1800.  He did like 200 mph at Barber's.  Think you could keep up with him?

At this point, just walk away.  Maybe you can't fix stupid, but you can sure give yourself brain damage trying.

This is road-racing.  Subtle, calculating and faster than you can imagine.

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