Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ten Things I Learned In 10 Years Racing

1.  Racing is difficult, and it never gets any easier (or cheaper).

2.  Do not argue with the officials, you will most likely lose.  (however, I have found that if you can present your concerns in a calm and logical manner, many are willing to at least hear you out)

3.  No one, not your co-workers, wife, girlfriend, parents or fellow racers, care as much about your racing as you do.  Eventually you just stop talking about it so much.

4.  Most people, including those listed above do not understand racing or think it is a dangerous and juvenile way for a grown man to spend their time.

5.  What people think and say means absolutely nothing on the racetrack, it's the results that count.

6.  You are never as fast as you think you are.

7.  There is always somebody faster.

8.  There is no time for regret on the racetrack, only improvement.

9.  While everyone needs some help from time to time when racing, the ultimate responsibility for everything lies with the racer himself.  Handle your own business, lest someone else handle it improperly for you.

10.  You are entitled to and furthermore guaranteed absolutely nothing in racing (aside from a lighter wallet and maybe a few good stories).   Luck plays a part.  Want your luck to get better? Work harder.

And because ten just isn't enough:

11.  If you are going to race, you damn well better love it.  And I mean really love it down in your soul, because in a fraction of a second racing can snatch away everything.  And I mean everything.

RIP Marco Simoncelli

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