Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The True Teachers

"Education is what remains after one forgets what one has learned in school." -Albert Einstein

 Ah yes, there's always some goddamn appreciation day or week or month that we are supposed to be celebrating.  This is "Teacher Appreciation Week".  I couldn't think of any traditional teachers worthy of such, quite the opposite, most of the "educators" I encountered during my school years are remembered with disdain.  Boring, didactic, prison guard pedants, regurgitators of trite bullshit, much incorrect and colored by personal biases, they were hard to tolerate, let alone appreciate.  So fuck them.  

The ones who really taught me never had masters degrees or certificates and would scoff at being thought of as "teacher".  They were racers, tuners, mechanics, artists, rejects and rednecks, punks, misfits, those Glen E. Friedman would call "Fuck You Heroes".  Many humble, unsung, unappreciated, unrecognized giants living among mere mortals, with quiet, hard won wisdom, kept close to the vest, the kind that you will not find in the hallowed halls of ivy leaguedom.  Men whose only tenure exists in the indelible mark they leave on your soul.

The true teachers.  Let us raise a middle finger high in the only kind of tribute they would appreciate.  Thank you.  And fuck you too.         

One of my favorite FYH's and "teachers" Phil Lee.  RIP.

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