Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Push Before the Break...

Two hare scrambles left before mid-summer's break, the Hillbilly Hare Scramble in Rural Retreat, VA and Harleywood in Bristol, VA.  They are the farthest in distance, a 4 hour and 5 hour drive, respectively.  I placed second in both for 2016.   These were two of my favorite events.  The hilly, slick and technical terrain seems to suit my riding style, or at least that's what I like to tell myself.

It will be slightly more difficult this year, as these will be on back to back weekends, without the usual week off in between.  Coming back late on Sunday night only to have to leave the next Friday means as little stuff as possible will be unpacked.  It's always risky too, because if you break something on Sunday, there is almost no time to get it shipped before the next race.  Which is why I try to have at least two of everything on hand.  People sometimes laugh at the crates full of spares I drag back and forth to the track, but their contents has saved my weekend on more than one occasion.

With four races in the books for 2017, I am currently sitting third in points for my division.  Which is OK, but not really where you want to be.  Jason and Pete seem to be in a holding pattern of finishing 1/2, which leaves me fighting for the leftovers.  My mind is feverishly working on ways to break that cycle.  Besides, it's a long season, ten weekends left until we wrap it up at the end of October.

A lot can happen in that time.  And I'm sure it will.....

2016 Harleywood, still on the KDX

2016 Hillbilly Hare Scramble, my first race on the 2004 Gas Gas EC300

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