Thursday, June 9, 2016

Three Gone Conclusion

It's hard to collect your thoughts while simultaneously bouncing around between trees on a weird handling motorcycle, but I manage to assume a slightly more relaxed mental state, telling myself the worst is over now.  Nothing to do but ride.

The last couple of events I have gotten all my crashing done in the first half of the first lap, and this proves to be no different.  No further falls for the remainder of the race.  Pace is slow but steady.  I start to pass riders with the letter "P" designation, my class.  A quick glance at the scoring readout at the end of the 2nd lap shows me in 7th place.  I've moved up four spots already, travelling at what seems to be the pace of a stoned turtle.  I'm tired and making lots of little mistakes, but always managing to move forward.  Another lap passes and the screen shows me in 5th spot.  I figure it's got  to be a computer glitch or something, there is no way I am catching these guys.  One more go around and now it shows 4th.  A glimmer of hope appears.  Perhaps I can catch 3rd, that would be an honorable defeat.

This, however, is not to be.  The heavens choose halfway through the last lap to open with a deluge that turns the track into a sloppy mess.  Riders are stuck in muddy ruts and falling down in the greasy field.  I have no desire to pick up a downed motorcycle any more today, so the pace is dialed back even further.  It's raining so hard visibility becomes an issue.  My gloves are full of water, making working the controls that much more difficult.  I exit a corner onto a fast straight and the back end steps out.  Like a heroic flat-tracker I save it without even putting a foot down.  Damn, wish someone had gotten a picture of that.  Between you and me, dear reader, it was pure luck, but don't tell.  I am ready for this thing to be over.  Mud riding takes a completely different skill and mind set as well as a lot of energy, the three things I seem to have left at home today.  I cross the finish line.

The top three are long gone.  I am fourth.  I'll take it.  It's not like I have a choice in the matter.

This is Juan's ass.  I am getting very tired of looking at it.

Look, in the distance, is that the rare Big-boobed Grey Sasquatch?

This one again, 'cause I like it.

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