Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Scramble Before Blue Ridge

Parts arrive one after the other.  Piston and rings, gaskets, seals and other various sundry.  Every day is like Christmas on my doorstep, but these aren't the type of items you like to buy, they are the kind you have to.  If you want to run.  If you want to race.

Every night for the next week is a late night.  I'm amazed at just how testy I get after 8 hours at workaday hell followed by another 4 in the garage, with some sort of dinner wolfed down in between.  Now there is not only normal race prep and maintenance, there is bottom end swapping, clutch swapping, top end re-building and a lot of finger crossing that the transmission and crank seals are good in the spare bottom end.  There is no time for sending a crank out now.

Finally things start coming back together.

Might was well check the compression.

I'll take it.

Looking more like a motorcycle and less like a collection of broken shit.

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