Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Talking Shit

We live in a world of unfulfilled oaths, broken promises, words as useless as the hot air they are spoken with.  It has become a matter of course for people to say whatever is necessary in a certain moment, knowing full well they will never come through in the end, and knowing that no one is likely to ever call them out on it.

And we won't, because god forbid you butthurt some precious snowflake by holding them to their word.  The truth is less important than feelings.  If one should be so brazen as to point this out, actually ask someone to be accountable for their actions?  More words.  Excuses by the dozen.  I swear people must sit around thinking them up all day, these little pukes using their emotional fragility as a smokescreen for pure laziness.

That's what I like about racing.  It accepts no excuses.  And tolerates no bullshit.  You put up or shut up.  When the checkered flag flies, there is no question about who did their homework.  And who didn't.

Life needs to be a lot more like racing.


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