Thursday, August 20, 2015

Short Circuit 2

As the rain continues at Roebling Road, so does my plan to remain faithful to the EX500, despite it seemingly dropping one cylinder during my first race.  I assume something got wet, and begin checking everything over that I can in the time between races.  Next up is the V6 Lightweight race, that I had planned on running the FZR in, but as I only have one set of rains which are currently mounted on the Kawasaki, the FZR will have to languish in the pits under its waterproof cover.

Once again it is the battle of the EX500 trio, myself, Kurt and Michael all riding Kawasaki's underdog commuter twin that was never designed to be a racer.  My bike is the fastest and lightest of the three, having been developed over the last two years by yours truly, but I also have only about 20 laps around this racetrack, and I am struggling.  The rain is also a real problem.  A simple fall at the beginning of the season can bring about a quick end to the season, dashing any championship hopes.  I have to keep it upright.  I remind myself that this is simply going to be a throwaway weekend and there will be plenty of opportunities to accumulate points.  As long as I don't do something stupid.

The three of us battle back and forth in the wet conditions.  I make it up to second place a few times, but then get passed by Kurt in a few of the sections of the course I am still trying to figure out.  As if on cue the ignition starts crapping out again.  I am pissed, screaming inside my helmet as the rain streams down the face shield and my boots fill with water.

I soldier on and finish third with the leaders still in my sights, but unable to be caught by me.  Thoughts turn to tomorrow, and drier weather.

Herein lies my ignition trouble.  Somewhere.

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